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Ferroli Boiler Systems

From the company’s original head office in San Bonifacio, near the Italian city of Verona, where it was founded by Dante Ferroli in 1955, Ferroli now operates in 14 countries across Europe and Asia. For 60 years, the company’s objective has been to drive innovation in the heating industry to produce appliances that are highly energy efficient, superbly built and suited to a very wide range of specifications.

The UK operation began in the late 1980s when the UK export market was identified as being a promising one. In 1997,  Ferroli UK Ltd was established. By keeping a very keen eye on what the market demanded and ensuring that it kept pace with its competitors, Ferroli UK swiftly expanded until it outgrew the Minworth premises and relocated to the current site in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire in January 2001. By this stage, Ferroli had identified its key aim as being to supply the UK independents market and this remains a major focus of the company’s operations today.


Driving the development of Ferroli’s range of commercial boilers and renewable energy products is the two-pronged catalyst of relentless consumer demand for better products and the need to address climate change. It’s these factors, which are at the same time both complementary and conflicting, that keep Ferroli at the leading edge of appliance design. One of Ferroli’s biggest strengths is self-sufficiency: from the initial concept through to design, manufacturing and marketing, Ferroli’s products are produced entirely in-house, with only a very small percentage of components being sourced from elsewhere. This allows for complete control over the quality, delivery and all-important aftersales aspects of all Ferroli’s products.

Ferroli has brought many innovative heating appliances into the marketplace, with an extensive range of commercial boilers.

In 2015 the majority share of the company was transferred to Oxy Capital Italia, based in Milan, and UK-based Attestor Capital, with the Ferroli family retaining an interest in the company.

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