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30th April 2020
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Riello and Lamborghini Gas & Oil Burners


UKHVAC have a selection of both Riello and Lamborghini Burners in various configurations suitable for either Gas or Oil all at extremely competitive prices and available for immediate delivery in the UK!

Lamborghini Burners

Lamborghini Burners was established in 1959 by Ferruccio Lamborghini himself. Thanks to its innovative and sophisticated systems and equipment, the company came to dominate the Italian market in a few years.

 The use of a new mechanical fuel pulverisation system proved to be his most brilliant intuition and winning move. This was embodied in the glorious L Series, the “noiseless burner,” and success quickly followed. Lamborghini stayed ahead of its time by broadening its product range. Over the following years, Lamborghini Calor acquired the Euroterm and Joannes trademarks. More recently, in 2002, the Lamborghini Group (at that time formed by Lamborghini Calor, Euroterm, and Joannes) became part of the Ferroli Group, one of the leaders in the heating sector.

Riello Burners

Riello was formed in Italy in 1920 and, in 1923, was the first company to adapt domestic light oil burners for use in bakers’ ovens and other specialist applications. In 1925, due to the gasoil crisis and following considerable R&D, the company adapted burners to the new heavy fuel oil.

During the 1930s and 40s the company continued to innovate, anticipating and responding to changes in the market to meet users’ requirements and in 1950 invested heavily in more extensive production facilities. In 1958 a special department was set up for the automation of burner components.

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