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UK Heat Exchangers
UK Commercial & Industrial Heat Exchanger Specialists

UKHVAC Supplies are UK distributors of Techno Systems specialising in high-quality plate heat exchangers designed for any system or process need, even the most complex, cutting-edge, competitive solutions, ready to increase and optimize your energy efficiency, up performance, and reduce consumption.

We offer a wide variety of heat exchangers, including:

  • Inspectable corrugated-plate heat exchangers
  • Inspectable corrugated-plate heat exchangers with stainless steel frames
  • Inspectable smooth-plate heat exchangers with turbulator
  • Braze welded heat exchangers
  • Preassembled units (district heating substations, skid-type cooling systems, etc.)

All the Techno System plate heat exchangers are tested and certified in accordance with current regulations, guidelines, and standards to guarantee top performance and consequent energy-saving.

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