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ICI Caldaie - Commercial & Industrial Boilers

Hot Water Boilers. Super-Heated Water Boilers. Steam Boilers. Thermal Oil Boilers

Specialists in the design and production of complete high-tech thermal systems. The extensive experience of ICI Caldaie has allowed them to develop a range of highly qualified services capable of meeting any requirements in terms of system management, monitoring and maintenance.  No matter what the customer requirement is: we can provide a cost effective and environmentally-friendly solution for the safety of their system.

Integrated systems for steam, hot water, superheated water and thermal oil with high water-volume boilers
Energy saving solutions for industrial applications of all kinds.

Certified Innovation

The awarded certifications are and acknowledgement of ICI Caldaies commitment to continual improvement proving the creation, application and maintenance of a Production, Management and Organisation System compliant with international regulations introduced to improve and standardise the internal processes as well as to enhance the effectiveness of the service to customers, thus increasing their satisfaction.

Continued customer satisfaction is a mark of the company’s continual progress

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